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Webb examines the major issues facing the U.S.

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For the first time, the largest tribe in California has one of its own to lead its legal battles.

Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Add to Watchlist. Ended: Sep 24, PDT. Shipping: Does not ship to Germany See details. Where is the American Solzhenitsyn? Posted by: david peri September 15, AM. We have lost our sense of connectedness with others.

A Fair Share: Reclaiming the Commons with Basic Income

I think fear is at the base of the troubles we have with talking honestly with others about how we feel. We fear losing our jobs so we don't speak up when management outsources or lays off employees. We fear making waves and are surprised when we are laid off by our employers. We fear others taking our jobs so we oppose immigration and most of all illegal immigration. Fear is pervasive but faith in the universe needs to be fostered.

It is easy to talk about fear but talking about faith gets people put down by others. And when we don't talk to each other to see that we are all in the same basic boat buffeted by actions and reactions of others, we ultimately lose ourselves in our own heads. I think it is easy to slip into a non-contemplative reactive mode of hate and violence and shock jock behavior when we don't realize that we are the same as those who are different than we are. I hope we as a nation wake up soon enough to save ourselves.

Posted by: Shelley September 15, AM. Your comment at the end of the program was appreciated as well as things Pastor Chris Buice had to say. It "is" too easy to sit in a broadcast studio, attack a person for their beliefs, and promote violence against people that are different from ourselves, as opposed to standing eye to eye with that same person or persons.

It is what it is, propaganda, plain and simple. It's sole purpose is to divide our people. These things only serve to weaken us as a country. It shames us as a nation.

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  6. We would do well to ignore these people and the negativity they've chosen to spread. I've chosen to turn them "off". Civility is nice. But what is needed is truth. Fox News. Posted by: beecham September 15, AM. Shock jocks are terrorists. Both use hate and fear to further their ideology. Thank you Bill for another thought provoking program. Posted by: Susan September 15, AM. Two days after watching your program "Reclaiming Civil Discourse" I am still in shock.

    As I am originally from England, where I supported the then British Liberal Party, I could previously never understand how or why the word "liberal" with its honorable heritage was used as a vile pejorative by many people here in the United States. Now I do. I am disheartened by the huge audiences who listen to the shock jocks, whose exhortations are reminiscent of those of the Nazis.

    After watching the hatefest that constituted a considerable portion of the Repblican National Convention it seems clear that the same infection is contaminating the wider public discourse.

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    What can we as ordinary, but outraged citizens do to stop the public broadcasting and dangerous excesses of hate speech? Posted by: C. Deegan September 14, PM. I think the real crime the shock jock set is guilty of is selling their bran of journalism as truth. There are many folks who I speak to who think these guys are not just entertainment, and when I try to tell them this, that even THEY regard themselves as entertainment, then the 'liberal press' accusations fly.

    Goldman Sachs Has Just Issued An Ominous Warning About Stock Market Crash In October

    Why can't congress pass a Truth In Reporting act that would require 'opinion news' shows to identify themselves as such at the beginning, middle and end of their broadcast. And then if said shows want to fight that effort, then the sponsors of the bill have their proof that these jocks don't want their audiences to have the truth. I was shocked by what is on the public airwaves.

    We have free speech in Canada too but you can't shout fire in a theater. This goes beyond hate propaganda into incitement to violence. Can you really say "anything" on the US airwaves. Listening to these "shock jocks" certainly was shocking. Having an opinion or belief and passionately advocating it is one thing, but broadcasting a national call for murder on AM radio is quite another, even if it is "just a joke". It is despicable, and an abuse of the freedom of speech that only lowers the bar for the American conversation. It dehumanizes not only liberals, but conservatives as well.

    What makes this "hate speech" isn't just the words, it's the violence you can hear in their voices.

    How the Yurok Tribe is reclaiming the Klamath River

    Anyone who has studied the role of Radio Milles Collines in the Rwandan genocide would recognize that sound. The shock jocks certainly have the freedom of speech, but radio stations or at least the corporate conglomerates that own them now have the freedom not to air them, and the public has the freedom not to tune in. I would hope Americans turn a blind ear to this stuff and render the shock jocks powerless. America deserves better. It deserves civility. Is that asking too much?

    Posted by: Jeff September 14, PM. I saw the Bill Moyer Report and am upset by the assumptions regarding talk radio shows and the implication they tried to make that the reason an amnesty bill did not go through is death threats. When it comes to threats of violence there are fringe loonies on both sides and an elected politician can defend themselves much easier than one of us street activists can. I have personally carried an anti amnesty sign in front of a march of ten thousand people visible to thousands in Boston. I was there aware that some have tried to intimidate me with in your face shouting and death threats.

    The majority of American citizens are against open ended continuous residence and so at odds with many of their elected politicians. The politicians were not reacting to death threats. They were reacting to the mass of Americans saying they would not be voting for someone who supported an amnesty.