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We have 2, highly trained agents standing by in 29 offices throughout Kansas City and southern Missouri operating as one team.

5 Alternative Careers for Real Estate Agents

When you join the ReeceNichols family, you get access to a robust business package throughout your career here. Obtaining a real estate license is the first step to your real estate career, and we have the classes to get you started. Who We Are We go above and beyond to deliver an experience that is rewarding for agents and consumers. Learn more about what a real estate career at ReeceNichols has to offer. Attend a free career seminar. Career Opportunities Is a ReeceNichols real estate career right for you? What Our Agents Are Saying.

I love the sharing and helpful spirit in our office. I look forward to coming into the office everyday.

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ReeceNichols also offers great training and support, both in our office and from the central office. I truly feel everyone in the company wants each of us to succeed and works to that end.

15 Different Real Estate Careers: Which One Is Right for You? | Mashvisor

It includes an explanation of the exam questions, timelines, fees, expectations, and suggestions for success. The first step to becoming a Real Estate agent is obtaining your real estate license. This is a three-step process in North Dakota for a new agent. After passing the AMP, join a real estate brokerage for your license to be issued. It includes an explanation of the exam questions, timelines, fees, expectation.

We have office staff that is incredibly knowledgeable and keep this office running smoothly. We have experienced, intelligent agents that are supportive and are willing to contribute to your success.

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Working for the most recognized brand in real estate is something to be proud of, but working for Century 21 Morrison is a true honor. During the licensure process, you will learn the basic concepts and background wrequired of all real estate agents.

However, that knowledge does not necessarily prepare you for a successful career in real estate. It is crucial for you to join a real estate brokerage that will equip you with the tools, systems, training, and culture for your success. Make an informed decision and interview different brokerages so you start out on the right path.

Real Estate Agent Jobs: 5 different career options with a real estate license

There are so many questions to ask when interviewing brokerages. Large or small? Franchised or independent? Non-Competing Broker or Competing Broker?

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Full Service or Limited Service? Core values and culture? Technology, tools and systems focused on your success? Training programs and mentorships? Residential vs Commercial Real Estate? Per person productivity numbers? Brokerage goals and future plans?

What does a real estate agent do?

Enjoy working independently but still enjoy being part of a bigger team who is working towards a common goal. Have a passion for helping other people and who are willing to learn and become the best version of themselves while having fun along the way. This old adage is certainly true when it comes to choosing a quality brokerage. As part of the CENTURY 21 System, you will have access to tools, technology, systems, training, lead-generation, and much more through a Brand who helps you grow your business.

If you join a non-franchise firm, the same benefits would cost you thousands of dollars a year which is more than you will ever pay with a transactional franchise fee. Work smarter, not harder, and jump start your business.


Just like your clients, you should expect quality service and and opportunity for success. Choose a Brand that can give you both. Having a non-competing broker available, along with an office staff that is helpful and knowledgeable, is important to me. C21 Morrison invests in their agents to ensure the best service to our clients and gives back to our community and state.