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This is the fullest collection of La Rochefoucauld's writings ever published in English, Oxford World's Classics Includes a new critical edition of the French text, and is the first to take into account Selected Poems: with parallel German text.

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Your own writing is always such a great example of what you teach.

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I re-read it a couple of times noting how many images I conjured up as I read and it was more like watching a movie than reading a blog post. And your drawings add so much life to it! Yet another keeper for my files! The website looks great! Thank you, Kathy. When editing this post, I was especially aware that I had to paint vivid images to live up to my own teaching, and I had to make quite a few changes! Enjoyed reading this over my morning coffee. Your words are always helpful and inspiring! Love the e-book I purchased from you. More great tips — thanks for sharing Henneke.

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When I was copywriting I would quite often use storyboards, especially if working on an interview piece — being a visual person it really helped! Henneke, I love this. Being primarily visual myself, I love to use mental pictures, metaphors, and stories to illustrate my points. Follow proven templates for specific writing tasks, practice your skills, and get professional feedback so you become a confident business writer. Take on any writing project with gusto. Learn more about books and courses. I never saw myself as a writer, but in my early forties, I learned how to write and discovered the joy of writing.

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When you feel stuck …. Popular blog posts. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Tweet Share Recommended reading on visual thinking for writers: How to share the big picture without boring your readers How to make your message sticky How to paint vibrant pictures [14 metaphor examples] Further reading on blog writing: 7 scrumptious blog writing tips to delight your readers Business blogging How to create a must-read blog.

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Tweet Comments Lovely as always. Thank you, Agato. Happy drawing! And thank you for stopping by. Ho-ley cow, Henneke. I love this post. I love this guide. Never thought about visual thinking until this post.

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Happy writing, Ron, and thank you for stopping by. Now that would be something! Hope you get some fine weather for your bike riding, Henneke! Hi Henneke, Congrats on the new fresh design — I like it! Thanks for sharing your writing tips. Happy writing, David, and thank you for stopping by! Hey Henneke, love this. A helpful motivating nugget to keep in mind when writing, no? Hi Henneke, Just love this one. Hi Henneke, Never in the history of blogging have I come across an article so clearly explained.

Everything made perfect sense. Wow, what a lovely compliment, Judy. You put a smile on my face! Thank you. Henneke, Thank you very much for all your inspiring content. Thank you, Robert. Another brillant post, Henneke! Taking the reader for a journey is certainly a great way to keep engagement.

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Best regards,. Thank you for stopping by, Janina. I appreciate it! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Laura. Happy blogging! Hi Henneke, Love new design. Happy map drawing!

Teaching Strategies: Videos as Visual Writing Prompts

Good morning, Henneke, and greetings from Kansas, in the middle of the USA If no one has told you today that you are brilliant, please let me be the first. Happy blogging, Don! Your course sounds fascinating! Thank you for your lovely comment, Karien. Hi Henneke, WOW! Nice strategy to take examples. Thank you again for taking the time to answer my queries. Thank you Henneke! Love the comic, another option along with infographics! Your blogs give that excitement which you were talking about in the mail. Thanks again!

Thank you, Himanshu. Henneke, Enjoyed reading this over my morning coffee. I appreciate your compliment. Good luck with creating your course. They're also called oracle decks or, I don't really care what it is. If it's imagery that makes me think differently, that's all I care about. Joanna: I have a load of photos, too, but I generally have it electronically and then the only physical books I buy these days are books of images.

So I have one on the apocalypse which I love because I love writing about the apocalypse. Nancy: Yes, it is, very much. My love of history is very American centric. It's just where my interest goes, and sometimes I feel like I need something way out of my comfort level. I just ordered a limited edition tarot deck called, and it's the Tarot of Prague, and it's all Prague based imagery. Joanna: And also, it's a way of seeing.

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  5. I was in Prague over New Year. It's a place that I love and it's been in my books, a great place and very eastern European type of thing. But, when I say eastern European a lot of people might not know what that means. But the pictures will help you get into that space.

    Nancy: This is a double edged sword in that I have so many interests, I'll never be able to write about them all. I have to force myself to focus because I do love kind of everything. I love everything. I typically will go with a goal. Am I looking for symbols?

    • A game plan to get better at being ‘visual’..
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    Am I looking for epitaphs? Am I looking for family groups? I really do go with some idea of what I am looking for. And you know, for me it's almost always symbols because…I have a friend who actually wrote a book about cemetery research and I love it because I can go look up all the symbols I'm photographing to see what's the origin and it's amazing to me. I was in Colorado, I love to travel as you can tell.